Annemarie Schaacke

Annemarie is an expert in removing psychological blockades and obstacles to recuperate health in work- and family related environments, especially in relation to (onsetting) burn outs, depression and complicating life questions. She uses EMDR as a technique to resolve lingering trauma’s and applies family position setups and SoulBodyFusion in a series of focussed sessions ‘On the road to a new balance’.

After many years of practisioning as a family coach and therapist Annemarie wrote a dutch-language book ‘Allergy for the invisible world’; a enlightening book with ample attention to quagmired family systems and written for (grand) parents, educators and teachers, (professional) child rearers and professionals in care and social services.

Annemarie has also frequently lectured on the subject of New Age children; who they are and what they can teach us. Two chapters of the book are dedicated to this subject.

Background & Training

Annemarie Schaacke

Annemarie has been trained in many forms of therapeutic work and applies the following techniques;

  • Neurolinguistic programming

    A method for training, coaching and improved communications.

  • Reversie Method

    A highly effective way for parents and child rearers to identify their own issues, clearing the path for a child to go forward more freely.

  • Pillar Method

    Braod coaching for people diagnosed with autism, AD(H)D and other syndroms in the autistic spectrum.

  • Family constellations

    Method to discover and heal deep seated issues in the soul of a family.

  • EMDR

    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a recognised practise for healing and processing traumatic experiences.

  • Soul Body Fusion

    A powerful process in which the energy of the soul (or Higher Self) fused with the body, providing pathways to release blockades, emotions and built up tensions.

  • Singing Bowls

    Used to provide deep states in which manifested insights are given a tranquil space to land in.

Family Coaching

While raising children from baby through to their adult years, parents are also confronted with themselves, their own troubles and sometimes trauma’s they experienced during their own childhood. Annemarie helps individuals as well as full families to understand and place their problems in a clear perspective.

Business Coaching

Transforming requires many new insights to becomes aware of the ongoing developements. Preventing burn out and depression in the personal settings is crucial to the health of your employees and the overall business. Annemarie applies a clear cut approach to help business deal with the transforming planet.


Detecting any trauma’s present is of great importance to actually make symptoms recede or dissapear completely. Many behavioral problems áre avoidable, if children are examined for hidded trauma’s, psychologist now conclude.


Progressing into old age can be a hard to accept phenomena for a person and their family. Using an active approach Annemarie makes the new, and changing, situation acceptable for all parties involved.

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