The endgame is up to Mother Earth, who fiercely opposes what is done to her. Bringing the female energy into the world, which has been suppressed for centuries by hard and male, as the Roman Catholic with celibacy and excesses shows, extremism. Money laundering?

Forget it: next time Hans Wijers will no longer be there, but will be in Uzbekistan. Comical, but true.
One-way trip…. along with what’s his name again? Oh yes, Jeroen van der Veer (Shell).

It cannot be a coincidence: starting today the long-awaited spectacular Avengers: Endgame will be in cinemas. In this last part, all remaining superheroes come together to take action against the all-destroying Thanos. Thanatos is the personification of death in Greek Mythology. Coined as a character by Jim Starlin and made his debut in Iron Man # 55 (February 1973), from the Marvel Comics comics.

Hans WIjer’s face is seen as the most influential man in the Netherlands on many stages of a shareholders’ meeting. Like in the Shell board. This multinational has not paid a dividend tax, which would be a “legal” matter in negotiation with the tax authorities. There is no citizen or company in the Netherlands that is allowed to evade tax, which is why Shell is a questionable matter, because the tax authorities are there to detect tax evasion. Shareholders of Follow-This have been active since 2015 to allow Shell to take a sustainable course in the future, certainly after the signing of the Climate Agreement. Ben van Beurden CEO constantly discourages their motion, advising negatively on the shareholders’ meeting (May, 2019). Preventing CO2 emissions is what this multinational is aiming for, find more and more shareholders, who are now asking Shell to maintain the signed Climate Agreement. Instead, Shell Netherlands offers trees for planting, as the largest absorbers of CO2, nature.
Shell has caused death and destruction in areas where they have made their profits, in countries where corruption is rampant.

Yesterday it appears that Hans Wijers has no insight whatsoever into the consequences of the ING debacle in 2018 as the new chairman. Two-thirds majority in two votes did not discharge the ING Top. It has never before been shown in recent company history that shareholders are so clearly opposed to a sitting board. Wijers opened the meeting with a comprehensive statement, in which he agreed that 2018 was “a disappointing year in some respects.” In addition to the money laundering case, the reversal of a salary increase for ING CEO Ralph Hamers also played a role. This happened after major social and political criticism. In September ING agreed a settlement of € 775 million with the Public Prosecution Service. This was related to the facilitation of money laundering in Uzbekistan, oil / gas is earned, but large emissions and bitter poverty among the population.

For the Supreme Court I would conclude with that, but the upper layer, the elite, had different choices.
With money from taxpayers, the Dutch Lion was kept afloat, ING thinks along with you … Wijers was clearly excited and forgot to say goodbye to Commissioner Hans Breukink for 12 years of loyal service.
Who can you ask yourself…. well to themselves.

ING: $ 13,000 billion for renewable energy up to 2050. To make the transition to green energy possible
, around $ 13,000 billion will have to be invested worldwide in solar panels and wind turbines in the coming 30 years. This significantly reduces CO2 emissions. In 2050 it will be in line with the goals of the Paris climate agreement, but it will be even higher in the coming twenty years.