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Self-deception is the process or the point whereby we deceive ourselves, to assume what’s false or inaccurate as true or valid. In short, self-deception is a way to justify ourselves to our false belief. In a time of fundamental and rapid changes, from 2009 and specially in this year 2012, we are dealing with the fact that we have to change our everyday assumptions.

80% of our responses are based on our subconscious, which leads our conscious behavior. Is that self-deception?

It is clear: the subconscious I’m referring to here, is not the irrational, dark unconscious of Freud, where our repressed sexual desires reside.

Edward de Haan, Professor of Neuropsychology at the University of Utrecht, states, it’s an adaptive, information processing system that allows us to adapt to new environments. The mind works most efficiently by ‘outsourcing’ a large part of the information processing (selecting, interpreting, evaluating information and learning) to our subconscious. (Source: Intermediair)

‘Certain circumstances in the past with positive or negative consequences, are stored ‘, says De Haan. ‘ If we have to take decisions, they weigh on a subconscious level. That allows us, quickly and effectively, to function in a situation with too much information and too many uncertainties to follow consciously. ‘

And there is almost always too much information.

In my opinion, it is self-deception to believe in a continuous progress and growth of our economy. And to maintain that as a ‘ Holy ‘ belief in processes of decision-making. If our current system is based on growth, we deceive ourselves if we do not think seriously which method suits the current phase of life.

It has grown over our head as banks are held afloat with citizens’ money. Savings and investments are now going to be separated in banks.

To consider self-enrichment as an approved measure of an economic system, implies self-deception. There is a human scale of things that bring joy. A friendly gesture has more meaning than simply focusing on ones own revenue. Greed is a property, contrary to what we as human beings need.

Greed generates terrible things in humans and destroys much of value.

More and more people realize that a crucial turning point in their lives is required and have the courage to do so. To join and meet on pathless roads. Soulmates meet and appreciate each other. Encouraging. There’s a reason for the popularity of pilgrimage places and hiking trips.

To meet yourself and others, who have something to say. Discovering what is, always has been, but which we passed by already.

Deception, self-deception, mean abuse of the circumstances, misleading.

To take responsibility in the world, in this 21st century, is a first step and truly to see what else we can do to provide a fair distribution. Honesty is the best policy …

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