Circularity, sustainable construction, innovation, transformation and renovation, energy, including hydrogen.
Three rooms full of new energy in three days Building Holland in Amsterdam Rai, 9 ™ 11 April 2019. Sustainable living and entrepreneurship, building in a new economy is sharing knowledge and inspiration. Knowledge is power, knowledge sharing is given more power. The Power of Consciousness is spreading rapidly. Visited on Wednesday, April 10, old acquaintances came my way, but especially new ones.

In the Circle city where large cities contribute as leaders.
Professor of Building Sustainable Ms Elphi Nelissen and engineer by her side inspired “The end goal is as clear as it is ambitious: by 2050 the Dutch building economy must be 100% circular”. Speeding up is the key!
If you share this ambition, the network of The NewBuilders can inspire you “We realize an agile and humane construction sector in the new era”
Ecochain offers Revolutionary Environmental Management Software

In addition to publicity, there are decided side events during these days to deepen you. Things are being prepared there that have been made public on these days, such as

Declaration of intent Leading group ‘Accelerating together’ was announced by director Fred Licher, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, where large companies and cities and also Brabant connect, signatures on footballs, which each take to the company and were kicked off by Rutger Sypkens, Dura Vermeer, high the RAI was shot and returned to him again. Good luck!

Aftrap Kopgroep ‘Samen versnellen’.

Mr. Doekle Terpstra shared his knowledge in connection with the many things he committed to. The Arena runs on 1 battery : the technology sector is more than ever indispensable! He was then present as chairman of the Rabobank Innovation Challenge 2019 Award, where only 3 prizes were awarded by Rabobank for a record number of entries of around 70.
Overall winner was Gooee from the UK, digitization, for more information see the site.

Mr. Diederik Samsom spoke in a half-hour presentation, brilliantly about De Great rebuilding, sustainable in three decades, a manual of the climate table. Good news: this renovation is great to pay for! A variety of solutions was suggested to accelerate, whereby the government can use half of the tax money that is left, 3.5 billion euros. The banks have to adjust with flexibility in loans at low interest rates to save on energy.
This way 1.5 million houses can be converted up to 2030 of the 7 million in the Netherlands. Approach by district. It is indeed true that the best ambassadors are your neighbors. Making sustainable mortgages, leasing and installment homes insulated on installment terms as they do with cars. Paying nothing, but paying in reasonable installments, causes acceleration. Heating networks where this is functional, with thinner pipes, renewal, hot water is a new source of energy, the earth is giving. Corporations and companies are going to collaborate, rebuilding a competition by one company is currently ongoing. Save on your energy bill!

During the drink the preparations for the Green Tie Gala were striking, because in the evening the ABNAMRO unpacked, half in the hands of the Dutch state, the taxpayers, so we. The winner of the prestigious Sustainable 50 was Onno Dwars!
In the end it was Lizzy Butink who won the ABN AMRO Young Professional award 2019.
An additional ‘Outstanding’ award was finally given to Diederik Samson, the chair of the climate table, on which he made a clear appeal to the 400 attendees: get started and do not wait for the conclusion of the Climate Agreement!

Accelerate through cross thinkers!

Put in your agenda: Building Holland 2020, 24 ™ 26 March and participate in the Acceleration!

Katwijk ZH, April 14, 2019 A.M. (Annemarie) Schaacke.