PREPARE FOR A NUMBER OF BELLY YEARS. Until 2024 it will certainly take some time before the crystal of the new economy has formed, has crystallized. In 2018, Kate Raworth inspired us with the ‘Donut Economy’, a round donut with a gap to indicate boundaries. There are many false ideas about the growth of the economy in circulation. Economics works with models, scales, mathematical formulas, the basis of which has fallen away. The SCP continues to use old models, which are misleading if the new economic foundations are lacking. There is no shortage. The earth gives an abundance of everything for existence.

The question is how to deal with this. Raw materials control the current view of the economy. Transforming waste or remains from the old economy to new raw materials is a good choice for the future. Agriculture and animal husbandry, fisheries are in need of a thorough resumption. This is still the highest subsidies from the European Union. In the Netherlands the fossil industry is still richly rewarded with subsidies, more than to bring the natural energy sources to exploitation. Energy can be extracted from the sun, wind and water are rediscovered, solar panels, also on the water, hydrogen, the universe offers unseen possibilities.

The new gold turns out to be what we previously had our nose for. A new consciousness is emerging. Debris, old buildings, throwing away old materials, turning fruit and vegetables, flower bulbs, wasting food has come into a new light.
The traffic jams appear to be unsolvable despite the widening of motorways, which is predicted earlier. Electric cars and hybrids also run on the same roads or are in traffic for hours. Public transport is gaining in importance and interest because of ‘green driving’ by train in new trainsets this year. Light rail around The Hague. Metro and train, (fast) tram, bus can be found at renewed stations. Schiphol has moved to the North Sea, offshore IJmuiden. A development process has been initiated by the Minister.

A transformation of format!

Morality has to be above power, because with the new technologies, changing DNA is a life demand. Man has received the ability at the creation to inhabit the earth, to deal with it with full understanding, to develop into a new consciousness. Everything falls together and is everyone’s interest.
Holding on to destruction is out of the question. The earth is strongly protesting with eruptions of volcanoes. Developing intuition in the 21st century, because the earth appears finite in survival. A new foundation is needed to deal with our beautiful Earth. Space has brought us a new view of the planet unforeseen.

Almost seven years ago I devoted a Newsletter to the New Economy. Steps have been taken, a Climate Agreement has been signed, but a new foundation requires more. It requires everything from man to accomplish this transformation.

Personal development is the basis for this. For that and more, in the (occurrence of) burnout, depression and life questions, vision development you have come to the right place. A fruitful year desired!

Annemarie M. Schaacke with new website All in One