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Everything is connected

The topic in my previous Blog “Our own responsibility” generated turmoil and many comments in the group NLP NL, with whom I’ve shared this post. Good, substantive reactions with much information, deepened the discussion. Making a clear statement, does not clarify things for everyone, so it seems. Emotion always is related to interest(s), whether that’s self-interest or the interests of ones group or others, ways of thinking that implicitly contain actions. ‘Thinking’ = ‘Acting’. And that generates a lot ….! Emotions can block changes, because of the interests that are linked to them. What is the public interest in this time?
Taking responsibility and reflect on our actions, business, and with what objectives and results, in ourselves, around us and in society, near and far, these are things of general interest. At micro and macro level.
Why do we cherish economical growth the way India worships the holy cow?
In Western society -where capitalism has vested itself- we’re confronted with a STOP sign. Ho, halt, wait first, because who or what has priority, takes precedence? That is confrontational, especially within general believes that growth equals progress. Who benefits from this progress and in whose interest?
I personally have the feeling that the Western world has to resolve its debts to two thirds of the world, that we have bombarded as developing countries. Have we not taken too much and left too little for the own inhabitants, whose ground treasures we have used for our own prosperity? I will not mention any names, but everyone can read the news in a paper or watch it on tv to see where in the world things are shattered…!
The Arab spring of last year, where inhabitants took their own responsibility, again is threatened by extremes, while precisely the middle ground is the road to take. The balance between giving and taking should be respected. The balance between men and women, who have had an equal share. We should give back what we have taken, and restore the balance, with a sense of personal responsibility and general interest for the Earth and humanity.
Every entrepreneur, every human being has to take his/her own responsibilities. The time of pointing from one to the next is over. What can you and will you contribute to the survival of planet Earth and humanity? Only self-interest, the bonus culture, focusing on your own gain, does not bring us the future that humanity needs. What is your goal as an entrepreneur, bank, government, organization or institution?
Who or what has your main focus: a human being, a human being perceived as your customer who has put his savings on your bank, the working man, who has entrusted his pension to you, the young man growing up, the child by the youth care, a human being who is a patient in health care, a human being who is an employee in your company, a human being as a customer in your store, the government has to serve the citizen?
If you have a tendency to scratch yourself behind your ears, while reading this, that’s a good sign for yourself. Yes but, is no answer, but a possible apology. Self-reflection is desired.
Look at humanity, yourself and the other, the Earth in a different light in this spring of 2012! That can bring the change, where so many people and the earth itself are yearning for …!
Isn’t this substantial progress to a higher level of consciousness of unity?
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